Phase A Feasibility Study

A full exploration of what’s possible, how much it will cost, and how long it will take.

Phase A: Feasibility Study

To progress, (Phase A) we would undertake a survey, to then develop a drawn scheme that we can then price for.

The Eagle Design+Build (Phase A) service provides you with the following:

1) Basic scale Plan Views (ground floor, first floor etc) and Elevation drawings (front, rear, sides, and if necessary a section drawing through the property) of the proposed scheme. These are forwarded to you, electronically, as PDF’s, for your review.

We include an allowance of time and resources for two amendments to the initial drawings to work towards a solution that you wish to take forward.

2) Once we’ve reached an approved design, we would generate an Estimated Priced Schedule price breakdown for the building works.

3) On the Estimated Priced Schedule, we would also give an indication of the number of weeks we would expect the site works to take and an estimated potential start date, subject to all approvals being in place.

4) We may also provide a sample plain-English draft contract (based on the JCT) so you can see how the payment schedule would be set-out, including potential start and end dates for the project.

3D Colour Modelling

In conjunction with the Phase A Study, we also offer a 3D colour model service via the Phase A Study Plus option, to help you visualise how your project could look.

Purpose of the Phase A Feasibility Study

The initial investment you make in the Phase A, effectively answers the ‘What can we build? / How much will it cost? / How long will it take?’ paradigm, so it’s an extremely effective way of establishing that what you want to achieve is potentially viable.

The fee for Phase A is based on likely project size, and starts at £1,695 + VAT.

The survey would currently be carried out approximately 15 working days after you provide us with the go-ahead.

The Phase A drawings are generally emailed to you approximately 12 working days after the survey, with the Estimated Schedule with estimated project timescale generally available for you 12 working days after we’ve arrived at an agreed, approved design for you.

We would return to visit you to present you with hard copies of your drawings and pricing for review together, or alternatively review them together online.

In addition, we allocate a build slot for you, so you have the reassurance that if you move forwards with Eagle Design+Build through each of the subsequent phases, that we’re available to do the build for you.

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