Kingshill Avenue, St Albans

Kingshill Avenue, St Albans

Once again, this is a textbook example of how to understand a clients needs and requirements, and build a solution that fulfils these needs.

Much of our housing stock is now approaching or is over a century old, and is based on architectural, material and social ideas that reflect earlier eras.

Whilst we don’t want to turn our backs on the past, some properties just need to be re-engineered, to cope with modern life and aspirations.

This project is exactly that. Space, light and comfort – this property now has it all.

From the open plan family spaces, to the rear terrace and amazing loft accommodation, this elegant and contemporary family home fulfils a very modern lifestyle.

Kingshill Avenue - Extension & Renovation in St Albans
Kingshill Avenue - Extension & Renovation in St Albans

Works carried out

Timescale: 28 Weeks

Key Features include:

  • Double-storey rear extension.
  • Significant rear landscaping and terrace /outside entertaining space.
  • Remainder of house reconfigured, renovated, and redecorated.
  • Single-storey front extension. Loft Conversion with en-suite.
  • Kitchen and Utility Room designed, supplied, installed and commissioned.

What our clients say

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