Watling Street, St Albans

Watling Street, St Albans

Shortly after the purchase of this property by our clients, it became evident that much of the work previously done wasn’t going to fit with the new owner’s vision.

Some issues were aesthetic, but many were functional. So, after some detailed design options were explored and costed via the Eagle Phase A Feasibility Study, we arrived at a solution that fitted the clients requirements and budget. A few months later, once we’d acquired all the required permissions on behalf of the clients, work began.

We operated almost unhindered through the first part of COVID lockdown, and the project grew to also capture some further reconfiguring, all of which were handled during the contract period. The final touch was a carefully designed and crafted rear terrace. We took all the stress of management away from the clients, and handled everything for them.

They enjoyed the experience so much that they even worked for us for a while between their regular employment.

Watling Street - Extension & Renovation in St Albans
Watling Street - Extension & Renovation in St Albans

Works carried out

Project Type: Complete Architectural Design and Build service
Timescale: 20 Weeks

Key Features include:

  • New rear terrace/patio/garden works.
  • Single-storey rear extension.
  • Remainder of ground floor reconfigured, renovated, and redecorated.
  • Open plan kitchen– diner and seating area.
  • Kitchen and Utility Room designed, and commissioned.
  • Electrical and plumbing works.
  • Garage / Bike storage and workshop space.

What our clients say

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